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Student groups, please use this program planning checklist when you are planning a program developed by the Office of Student Involvement.

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Asian Student Council

Logo of Asian Student CouncillFounded in 1999, the Asian Student Council (ASC) was established to unite and foster collaboration among all Asian student organizations in Rutgers University. As a governing body, the ASC is comprised of student representatives from various student organizations all striving towards one mission: to organize a unified body that represents each Asian organization and its members.

At ASC, we aim to serve the Rutgers community by serving as a mechanism where organizations can collaborate, share strategies, and share information. Each organization has voting rights within the Council, where they are represented by their respective executive board members and chosen committee members. The Asian Student Council itself is comprised of these committees who work together to conceive ideas and implement them.

The ASC’s vision is to excel as a dynamic presence in the Rutgers community, shaping and enriching the college experience of all Rutgers students. All are welcome, and encouraged, to participate as members! As members, you can help ASC in focusing its efforts and resources into quality programs, informative workshops, efficient and concise meetings, sponsorship, and personal enrichment.


Affiliated Student Organizations


The APIDA GALA celebrates the outstanding achievements and contributions of individual students and organizational programming in the Asian American community. There are two individual awards and six program/group awards. All faculty, staff, student organization leaders, and individual students are welcomed to nominate a student organization or an individual. The award recipients will be announced during the virtual APIDA GALA. 

Student Organization Awards

Best Performing Arts Group or Program

This award honors a performing arts program/event or a performing group that exemplifies excellence in any performing art such as dance, singing, acting, etc. This event or the group should be nominated for showcasing talent and dedication to the APIDA community in a unique fashion and/or for showcasing their talents on the Rutgers stage and beyond.

Student Organization of the Year

This award recognizes the paramount achievement of a registered student organization over the year that causes the group to stand out as compared to others. The recipient demonstrates commitment to the organization’s purpose and the general membership, but also contributes to the Rutgers community as a whole. The recipient will have demonstrated a high level of achievement in many areas, including membership involvement, organization development, leadership training and opportunity, active participation in Rutgers campus activities, and community service. collaboration with other campus organizations or events. The recipient of the award will receive $250 to use for the organization’s programming for the current academic year.

Best Academic/Educational Program

This award recognizes an organization that excelled in educating members of the Rutgers Community through a coordinated program or project. The program should address the ability to make positive change, connect to larger social issues and make a difference in the community.

Most Culturally Authentic Program

This award honors a program for its commitment to educating others on a culture, particularly through unique programming showcasing authentic aspects of the culture. The recipient of this award should demonstrate this cultural authenticity through various outlets such as performing arts, clothing, and ethnic foods.

Best Charity/Philanthropy Program

This award aims to recognize a program that committed to the philanthropic organization’s purpose and the community served by the organization. The nomination should display exemplary results in raising awareness and donations toward a cause, and sincere passion and dedication to philanthropic work.

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Student Leader Awards

Ying Zheng Excellence in Leadership Award

The Student Leader of the Year Award recognizes a model student who integrated academic excellence with other aspects of their lives. The recipient of this award maintained a high GPA while also holding an impressive array of extra-curricular accomplishments which may include the arts, leadership positions, involvement in student and/or community organizations, career achievement, athletics, and community service. This student should have outstanding service to their recognized student organization(s) with their vision, leadership and ability to meet the goals of their student organization(s). The recipient of this award will receive a $500 award to use toward their leadership & career journey.

Leading by Example: Outstanding Graduate Leader of the Year

This award celebrates a graduating senior who has demonstrated exemplary leadership through their work with the Rutgers APIDA community. The recipient of this award should have demonstrated leadership qualities both in and out of academic spaces, is an active member within the Rutgers APIDA community, served in leadership roles in student and community organizations, and has worked actively to advocate for APIDA issues.

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Students being advised at the AACC


As a student leader, we know your goal is to cultivate a successful organization. The AACC is here to help! Here you’ll find helpful information about event planning, advising hours, training, and anything else a student leader might need. Student organizations should contact for assistance with advising.

Looking for more information? Review the APIDA Student Leadership Training Guide