Mission and Vision

AACC Mission:

The Asian American Cultural Center works to foster a safe, inclusive, and supportive environment for all students at Rutgers University and community partners by providing programs and initiatives focus on issues relevant to the Asian Pacific Islander Desi American (APIDA) community. The AACC offers a myriad of social, cultural, and educational opportunities to contextualize, highlight, promote, and critically examine the unique histories, traditions and cultural identities within the APIDA diaspora.


AACC Vision:

We envision a vibrant community of students committed to learning, preserving, and embracing the traditions, culture, and unique experiences of the Asian Pacific Islander Desi American diaspora at Rutgers University and community at large.

Featured Events

Join the Asian American Cultural Center and the Rutgers University–New Brunswick community in celebrating Asian Pacific Islander Desi American (APIDA) Heritage Month! This month celebrates the unique cultures, traditions, and rich history of APIDA people in the United States. We invite you to participate in this year’s APIDA Heritage all month-long beginning April 1st through May 1st. Learn more about this month’s offerings!

Asian Pacific Islander and Desi American Graduation and Leadership Awards (APIDA GALA) celebrates the outstanding achievements, accomplishments and contributions of individual student leaders, organizations and graduates of the APIDA community at Rutgers University–New Brunswick. This event also celebrates the accomplishments of our APIDA graduates. Learn more about APIDA GALA and register to support our graduates!

Featured Stories

“I’m sitting in my London flat, on my day off from the restaurant, reflecting on the current state of anti-Asian violence in the US. I’ve always been apprehensive as an Asian guy in a White supremacist society, but while this violence is far from new, this moment in our history feels different. My thoughts bring me back to the AACC at Rutgers University.” Read more about Laurence Louie’s experience.

On a humid summer day, TaeHo Lee spent his free afternoon at the Cook Organic Gardens. A recent Rutgers graduate, Lee was back at his alma mater helping friends work through compost bins, full of smiles and easy banter. Watching Lee, one would assume he always intended to study environmentalism. But when he first arrived at Rutgers, he was on a completely different path. Read more about TaeHo Lee’s journey.

Every year, the Rutgers community celebrates Pan Asian Lunar New Year. The annual event typically takes place in the Busch Student Center and is organized by the Asian American Cultural Center (AACC) and co-sponsored by the department of Residence Life. The AACC collaborates with numerous community based organizations to develop cultural programs and promotes diversity on campus. Read more about Pan Asian Lunar New Year.

Recent Communications

Guilty Verdict in the Derek Chauvin Trial
April 22, 2021

As we continue to reflect and make meaning of Tuesday’s guilty verdict in the Derek Chauvin trial, our offices stand with all of those impacted. The guilty verdict came after ten months of protests, pain, and suffering. We keep all who have dedicated themselves to fighting racism and injustice in the forefront of our thoughts.  We especially want to recognize our students and educators of color, who often bear the burden of providing support to others while dealing with their own trauma. Read our complete communication.

Violence Against the Asian Pacific Islander Desi American Community
March 26, 2021

The Asian Pacific Islander Desi American community at large continues to face ongoing violence, hateful words and acts of bias, and in any many cases amongst the most vulnerable.  As we still mourn the eight lives lost from the mass shootings in Atlanta, six of them Asian women, we find that anti-Asian acts of hate and rhetoric persist. We unequivocally condemn these intimidation attempts, threats, injuries, assaults, and murders fueled by anti-Asian racism, misogyny, and white supremacy.  We condemn ALL violent and hateful acts and share in the interconnected pain that impacts any targeted group or individual.  Harm to one community brings harm to all communities. Please view our full statement and link to resources.

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