As a student leader, we know your goal is to cultivate a successful organization. The AACC is here to help! Here you’ll find helpful information about event planning, advising hours, training, and anything else a student leader might need. Student organizations should contact for assistance with advising.

Please complete the APIDA Student Organization Program form before meeting with your advisor at the AACC.

List of Affiliated Student Organizations

Anime and Japanese Environmental Society
Arab Cultural Club
Association of Philippine Students (Rutgers)
Association of Punjabi Students at Rutgers University
Bengali Students Association
Cantonese Club (Rutgers)
Haru: Kpop Dance Cover Club
Hindi-Urdu Language and Culture Club (Rutgers University)
National Association of Asian American Professionals
Rutgers Desi Intercultural Youth Association
Rutgers Indonesian Cultural Entity
Taiwanese American Student Association (Rutgers)
Vietnamese Student Association
Asian Pacific American Medical Student Association

Association of Indians at Rutgers
Central Asian Student Organization
Chinese Student Organization (Rutgers University)
Japanese Visual Culture Association (Rutgers)
Korean Students Association
Nepalese Student Association (Rutgers University)
Pakistani Student Association
Porcelain Band
Rutgers Chinese Students and Scholars Association
Rutgers Organization of Nippon Students
Rutgers SIF Sangam
Verse One

Asian Student Council

Founded in 1999, the Asian Student Council (ASC) was established to unite and foster collaboration among all Asian student organizations in Rutgers University. As a governing body, the ASC is comprised of student representatives from various student organizations all striving towards one mission: to organize a unified body that represents each Asian organization and its members.

At ASC, we aim to serve the Rutgers community by serving as a mechanism where organizations can collaborate, share strategies, and share information. Each organization has voting rights within the Council, where they are represented by their respective executive board members and chosen committee members. The Asian Student Council itself is comprised of these committees who work together to conceive ideas and implement them.

The ASC’s vision is to excel as a dynamic presence in the Rutgers community, shaping and enriching the college experience of all Rutgers students. All are welcome, and encouraged, to participate as members! As members, you can help ASC in focusing its efforts and resources into quality programs, informative workshops, efficient and concise meetings, sponsorship, and personal enrichment.