Please read the statement from Chancellor Richard Edwards in response to recent events and share widely.

Statement to the University Community in Support of Diversity and Inclusion

To Members of the Rutgers-New Brunswick Community:

I write to you in response to recent statements made regarding Islam, and those who follow it. Rutgers University is one of the most diverse higher education institutions in the world. A belief in the value of an inclusive, diverse, and cohesive culture forms a major foundational element that informs what makes Rutgers a special place.

Consequently, we are committed to a community where inclusion and respect lay a foundation for diversity, and where diversity leads to the free and open exchange of ideas.  In effect, we say to all who become a part of our community, “We accept you for who you are, just as we expect you to accept others.”

When individuals feel threatened, when groups receive negative labels, and when entire populations are demonized, the free and open exchange of ideas becomes impossible because the loudest and most threatening triumph.

We, therefore, oppose hate speech, and believe that it has no place in our community.  Moreover, we stand with all members of our community to encourage inclusion, diversity, respect, and the open exchange of ideas.

Richard L. Edwards, Ph.D.


Rutgers—New Brunswick