Group picture of 2020 Mentors in front of AACC

The Asian American Cultural Center (AACC) Mentor & Mentee (M&M) Program pairs incoming first-year and transfer students with mentors who will aid their mentees in adjusting to campus life and serve as a resource during the academic year. The M&M program aims to connect students with diverse communities at Rutgers. Mentors will provide guidance, motivation, and resources to better support mentees. The AACC hosts monthly events that focus on developing different skills such as academic registration, networking, and career building. In addition, mentors and mentees get the opportunity to engage in the Asian, Pacific Islander, Desi (American) community on campus.


Mentee Recruitment for 2021-22


Don’t miss out on a opportunity to join this meaningful program to learn more about Rutgers has to offer to you as an APIDA identified student and meet new friends! Rutgers Asian American Cultural Center is now accepting applications for the 2021-2022 mentees. The deadline is Friday, September 3, 2021.

Link to New Mentee Application

Why AACC M&M Program? 

Benefits for Mentors

As a mentor, you will support incoming first-year/transfer students throughout their transition at Rutgers University, giving you the opportunity to develop more skills and connections throughout the year. You can get a learning opportunity by interacting with people of diverse backgrounds and giving back to the community by passing your knowledge to your mentee. 

Some skills you will gain are networking skills Developing leadership and management qualities. You will also develop Problem solving and time management skills while enhancing your communication skills and personal growth

Benefits for Mentees 

  • Guidance regarding assimilation into college life, with a focus in Asian American specific issues (identity, stereotypes etc)
  • Personal one-on-one support and the ability to create friendships with those of a similar ethnic background
  • Monthly events and meetings to ensure mentor and mentee relationship is strong and supported
  • Assistance with getting connected to diverse communities at Rutgers and assurance that they are able to get involved on campus
  • Exposure to the AACC’s numerous APIDA-specific events as well and resources such as Career Month, “Let’s Talk”, PALNY and APIDA Heritage Month
  • The development of feelings of empowerment and confidence as an Asian-American on campus

Mentor-Mentee Spotlights

Mentor spotlight number 1 - Benjamin Lee, Mentor 2019-present
Being a mentor has allowed me to give back to an amazing community, I really enjoyed talking to my mentees about anything from career advice, to bus routes, to fun events!”


Benjamin Lee, Mentor 2019-present

photo of Kateri Arano, Mentor 2019-present
“Being a mentor at the AACC was a wonderful networking experience that gave me so many fun memories with my mentees, other mentors, and the AACC community.” 



Kateri Arano, Mentor 2019-present

Picture of Vincent Lin, Mentee 2019-2020
“As a past mentee of the AACC Mentorship Program, I have gained a better understand of college life and what to expect going on forward. The experiences that my mentor has offered are second none and has help me develop as a person.” 

Vincent Lin, Mentee 2019-2020

Photo of Anjelica Solomon, Mentee 2019-2020
“Through the AACC Mentor-Mentee program I was able to meet Kate who not only was an amazing mentor who helped my through my transition into college, but she became one of the closest friends I now have today. The AACC really does their best to pair up compatible mentors and mentees, and I had a really fun experience getting to know Kate and going to all the events the AACC hosted!”  


Anjelica Solomon, Mentee 2019-2020

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is there any requirements needed to apply to be a mentee?

Nope! All first-year and transfer students are welcomed to apply

What does APIDA stand for?

APIDA stands for Asian American Pacific Islander Desi American, a pan-ethnic classification that includes ethnics and identities of countries in Asia and many islands and island groups in the Pacific. There is a huge diversity of religions and values among the APIDA population. Over hundreds of languages and dialects are represented.



What makes the AACC Mentoring Program different from other programs?

The AACC Mentoring Program provides a unique experience by allowing mentees to learn more about Asian culture and become involved with the APIDA community here at Rutgers. The mentoring program allows mentees to relate with their mentors on similar experiences as Asian Americans while also receiving guidance and advice.  

Do you have to be identified as APIDA to apply?

Nope! We welcome students of all races and ethnicities who wants to be invovled with the APIDA community at Rutgers.

How do I get matched with a Mentor?

After filling out the application, we look to match Mentees with Mentors based on major, gender identity preference, and interests.

What is the time commitment as a Mentee?

Being a mentee does not take a huge time commitment. Mentees can meet with their mentors during times that works best for them. You will utilize your time management skills to balance your commitments.

How will I communicate with my Mentor? Will we need to meet face-to-face?

Due to COVID-19, communication may be in any form of their choice such as via phone, e-mail, web meeting etc., as long as both parties feel comfortable.