Rutgers’ Asian American Issue Awareness/ Social Justice/ Political Activist/ Educational Group. Solidarity!


Vision Statement: An Asian American community that fosters compassion, respect, & social justice.

Our mission statement is to empower students to create change. Through education, collaboration, and dialogue we strive to bring awareness about Asian American issues to Rutgers University. By hosting workshops, diversifying our network, and providing an open forum we hope to progress as individuals as well as a community.

Objectives of the Asian American Leadership Cabinet:

1. Evolving political actions
2. Building solidarity in our organizations
3. Educating our community
4. Building bridges with other communities
5. Empowering!

For more information or to contact AALC, visit our facebook page


is the movement coordinated by the Asian American Leadership Cabinet to establish an official Asian American Studies program at Rutgers.  We aim to build solidarity within and out of the Asian American community to create change for students.For more information about our fight, visit our facebook page