The AACC Junior Internship is a professional on-campus internship open to first-years, sophomores, and juniors. The internship program is an exciting opportunity for current Rutgers students to be mentored in leadership, program planning, and community building skills.

Interested students must submit an application, recommendation letter, and complete an in-person interview. At the end of the fall semester, 10-15 students will be selected as Junior Interns for the spring semester. During the program, Junior Interns will attend staff meetings regularly and contribute in the planning and implementation of events hosted by the AACC.


Informational Sessions, come and talk to Sr. Interns about the Jr. Intern experience and the application process.
Wed., Sept. 26th | 7-8PM | AACC MPR, Livingston Campus
Tue., Oct. 2nd | 7-8PM | AACC MPR, Livingston Campus
Mon., Oct. 15th | 3:30-4:30PM | PRCC Conf. Rm., Busch Campus
Thur., Oct. 25th | 4:30-5:30PM | SJE Conf. Rm., College Ave. Campus
Fri., Oct. 26th | 4:30-5:30PM | AACC MPR, Livingston Campus

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**Application deadline is: Friday,  October 29th, 2018 at 11:59pm.**


Performance and growth will be assessed throughout the program to determine an individual’s potential to become a Senior Intern at the AACC. Of the 10-15 students selected as Junior Interns, five will be selected to become Senior Interns for the following academic year. Below are some requirements to becoming a Junior Intern:

  • Attend the Junior Intern Retreat in January 2019. Attend weekly staff meetings and training sessions held Fridays. Times subject to change.
  • Willingness to work with an ethnically diverse and culturally pluralistic student body and staff.
  • Willingness to work in an environment emphasizing knowledge and values related to cross cultural communication and interactions.
  • Working knowledge and interest in Asian Pacific Islander Desi American community issues in the U.S., the Pacific, Asia, and worldwide.
  • Effective interpersonal skills, customer service skills, and public relations skills.
  • Awareness of the concerns, pressures, and inequities of women, people of color, and people with diverse sexual orientations.
  • Ability to advocate and serve as an ally for the above mentioned groups; willingness to create alliances among students from different backgrounds and experiences.
  • Ability to handle multiple projects and responsibilities.
  • Ability to communicate clearly with the public, in both written and spoken venues.

For more information about the program, please contact a Sr. Intern at