Director (Vacant)

Assistant Director (Vacant)

Naima Chowdhury, Senior Program Coordinator


B.A Women and Gender Studies and Visual Arts, Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey
M.A. Ethics and Society, Fordham University

I am a proud EOF graduate and McNair scholar of Rutgers University–New Brunswick. Prior to joining, I worked in residential life for Stockton University, where I co-created and oversaw the Residential Oasis for Intercultural Engagement. My dedication to create inclusive safe spaces for students of color stems from my experience of growing up as a first-generation college student in a predominately white community. The need for equal access and opportunities in the Asian Pacific Islander and Desi American (APIDA) community led me to serve Rutgers students.

My work for intercultural engagement and social justice impacted many students of color learn to advocate for themselves and for their marginalized communities. I chose to serve the Asian American Cultural Center because I want to continue develop and guide students to become ethical leaders, who will decrease the social inequities in the world. At AACC, I use my expertise in programming and student development to create more inclusive and safe spaces where we promote equality and respect human dignity and life as the most valuable foundation of our community.

Curtis Chan, Interim Coordinator


Social justice, equity and multiculturalism are my areas of passion. Living in this country as an immigrant, non-native English speaker, I have unique life experiences that contribute to my empathy for what marginalized students go through. I am aware of the opportunities and oppression that they are experiencing. I would like to make a difference in students’ experience by creating an inclusive environment and to develop strategies to foster dialogues across differences. While understanding our own cultural heritage and history, I hope that my APIDA community stands up for equity not just for our own identity group, but also show solidarity with any of the identity groups which are oppressed and marginalized. Rutgers is an ideal institution for me to work as there is a significant population I can relate to. I am hoping to help students to understand the realities of the contemporary APIDA student experience and provide support to them to thrive.

LaToshia Wells, Administrative Assistant


Heather Eng, CSA Field Experience Graduate Intern


B.S. Criminal Justice, Minors: Chinese-Language Area Studies & Sociology, University of New Haven

I chose to get involved with the Asian American Cultural Center as my field experience because I recognize the importance of having a cultural center on a university campus. The cultural center at my undergraduate institution was brand new and quickly became a safe inclusive space for people of color during my collegiate career. I want to continue to develop and guide students through their own respective journeys to become leaders of social change that help decrease the inequities in the world. I am an advocate for students and staff to strive an environment on promoting social justice and compassion on campus in our students and in our communities.